Welcome to The Hash

Welcome to The Hash


Let me introduce myself first: I am Raffy Alcoriza, a maker of digital products.

This is not my first attempt at blogging, as I have had numerous attempts of trying to collect my thoughts in a definite space where everyone can see, only to end up thinking in short-form on Twitter regularly.

It's time to stop overthinking and just keep on shipping.

This place is a new attempt to commit into documenting my key learnings in my life and in my career, more importantly in the field of building online platforms. Hopefully, with the content I intend to share, others will learn something from them too.

Why The Hash?

I thought it would be clever to name my blog after the hashtag (#), a symbol known in varying uses in varying fields, notably in computer science: from defining comments in code, to tagging information, and so on. Hashing (bless you) is also known to be the process of transforming data from one form to another.

The versatility of that symbol is the inspiration I have for this project: may this be a repository of tutorials and thoughts that help others make the most of the tools we use.

Anything else?

As an aside too, I've decided to also launch my online homepage, which is aptly-named raffyal.co. If you need a starting point on where else to find me online, there's your answer.

It remains barebones, I know, but it will definitely evolve to be a little bit more than what it looks like. I'm looking forward to share what else have I been trying to get off the ground and chronicling the thought processes behind those experiments.

So... welcome!